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IO House

We were part of a team brought together to create an incredibly high-tech, sustainable family home that blends sensitively into the Hampstead conservation area.

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The challenge was minimising the construction programme as much as possible while delivering a building of the highest quality. To do this, the design team developed a detailed 3D model during the design stage. We continued to represent the client during construction but were also appointed by the contractor to develop our BIM model to a construction level.


This sped up the process considerably because we were able to develop detailed coordinated working drawings without delay. This allowed a technically complex building to be designed using a highly efficient process, dramatically reducing project time while ensuring a very high-quality end product.

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This approach is key to the way Integration works, and gave the architects, client and contractor confidence that the complex project would run smoothly and far faster. This included a ground-floor heat pump coupled with an energy management system connected to a large solar PV installation, Tesla batteries and an ultra-fast electric car charging system. This was carefully engineered to operate intelligently, prioritising running the heat pump during the day to heat the thermal stores when solar power is available.


Impressive technology is featured throughout the home. A chrome slide sends children down through three-storeys, triggering music and light shows via infra-red as they go. Staircases light up underfoot and holographic and digital feature-walls bring the home to life. All in a building with a sloping green roof, merging the home into the landscape to make it almost invisible to many of the neighbours.


Being appointed by both the client/owner and the contractor only works when you have strong trust from all involved, and we are proud that our long-term relationship with KSR made such an efficient process possible.


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    IO House
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    Hampstead, London
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