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Grosvenor Square Gardens

Grosvenor Square is a grade II-listed public square in the heart of Mayfair and is the second largest in London. The proposed new development has the ambition of creating the best public square in the world.

1 Grosvenor Gardens Photomontage

Four interwoven gardens based on the original oval shape used nearly 300 years ago. The open garden forms the centre of the square framed by the shaded garden which is a zone around the edge of the square with extensive planting to allow people to immerse themselves in nature.

3 Grosvenor Square design development Summer design

The corner gardens provide green gateways with dynamic structures to welcome visitors.

4 Grosvenor Square design development corner garden

The hidden water garden is at the centre of the square, underneath the open garden, expanding the garden further.

H Idden garden

The hidden water garden has a central pool and rain fountain which is a physical representation of the site’s sustainable water cycle and rainwater harvesting. As part of our environmental design concept development, we have investigated the potential for passive ventilation of the gardens using computational fluid dynamic (CFD) air flow modelling.

6 Airflow modelling

Our climate-based daylight modelling helps to create well daylit spaces contrasted by more atmospheric darker areas above the main pool. This support the illumination of the falling water droplets by thin shafts of light.

7 Daylight modelling

The initial design proposals for the scheme were revealed in the summer of 2020.

This is a ground-breaking project that will set the bar for key aspects of public realm development such as sustainability, biodiversity and environmental design.

Project Details

  • Project

    Grosvenor Square Gardens
  • Location

    Mayfair, London
  • Client

    Grosvenor Estate
  • Architect

    Tonkin Liu
  • Status

    In design