Our Low and Zero Carbon Technology (LZC) Feasibility Studies set out site opportunities at the very early stages of a project. This initial information is often crucial as it allows the energy strategy to move in the right direction from day one.

Our expertise extends into the financial domain which we believe is vital in order to be able to inform clients fully and we regularly use full Discounted Cash Flow (DCFs) to determine investment returns.
As well as providing costs and returns, our reports detail the pros and cons between technologies. They also evaluates site specific options as well as highlighting common pitfalls and opportunities for synergies between technologies.

Additionally, our studies identify ways to maximize profitability and capture opportunities seldom explored such as ESCO arrangements, Private Wire Networks, Energy Offsetting, Energy Storage and Demand Side Management.

“We have expertise in more complex technologies such as energy storage, solar cooling, heat pumps and wind energy. Our financial information helps the client, but we also aim to translate strategies into architectural terms. For example, we can show quite quickly how varying the massing form impacts the energy output and the CO2 reductions achieved.”
Alan Harries, Director of Integration and lead author of the book Urban Wind Energy.

These studies are also a source of easy BREEAM Credits (Ene04) “LZC Feasibility Report” and we recommend them for all major projects.