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We are Integration

We are a building services and environmental design consultancy specialising in the design and integration of mechanical, electrical and public health systems for buildings.

Our work ranges in scale and complexity with clients in the private, commercial and public sector. Our holistic approach to design is common to all our projects, from passive building design and energy modelling, integration of renewable technologies and ‘smart tech’, to complex air conditioning and ventilation design and coordination.

Our passion is to create sustainable buildings which not only use less energy, but look, feel and work beautifully. We are M and E engineers, MEP specialists, environmental designers, building physicists, sustainability consultants, we don’t differentiate. Our focus on performance and functionality is reflected in the attention to detail we give every project, from super-prime residential and hospitality, heritage and listed buildings to art galleries and museums.

Integration Services

We pride ourselves in the clarity of our communication and our ability to demystify and resolve the challenges that building services integration can present. Through collaboration, debate and technical analysis we challenge the obvious and accepted norms, seeking change, a better way, or reinforcing tried and tested solutions. We are constantly looking beyond our industry for inspiration and innovation.

We are responding to the complex and challenging requirements of building services and environmental design. Whether it is the fresh air you can feel, the air conditioning you cannot see or hear, or the visible services that have evolved from detailed 3D coordination and team collaboration, integration is what we do.

If you haven’t worked with us before, we are different, contact us at hello@integrationuk.com.

Integration Services

Meet the team

Founded in 2011, our business is built on our talented and diverse team of engineers and designers and the culture we have developed since then.

  • Dan Brooks
  • Bojan Cekic
  • Alan Harries
  • Mike Spence
  • Oscar Gonzalez
  • Alvaro Couso-Gomez
    Alvaro Couso-Gomez
  • Christos Charitopoulos
    Christos Charitopoulos
  • Deepak Sampath
    Deepak Sampath
  • Jon Moore
    Jon Moore
  • Ketan Bhanderi
    Ketan Bhanderi
  • Laura Garcia
    Laura Garcia
  • Laure-Helene Brochot
    Laure-Helene Brochot
  • Mazda Rustomji
    Mazda Rustomji
  • Miguel Munoz
    Miguel Munoz
  • Mo Bishara
    Mo Bishara
  • Oana Stanciu
    Oana Stanciu
  • Samuel Morgan
    Samuel Morgan
  • Tamer Habboub
    Tamer Habboub
  • Vanessa Brown
  • Miguel Cabo
    Miguel Cabo
  • Mihail Midrigan
    Mihail Midrigan
  • Giorgia Shogbanmu
    Giorgia Shogbanmu