Brooklands Farm

Brooklands Farm is a new build home situated on a private farm, exemplifying best practices and zero-carbon standards in design and construction. The project was guided by the unique regulations outlined in Paragraph 80 of the National Planning Policy Framework, which allow for the construction of isolated dwellings within rural settings under exceptional circumstances. Our challenge was to ensure the highest design quality to justify this exceptional build.


The vision for the project was clear: to achieve zero carbon emissions in operation through best practice environmental design, which included an all-electric setup. The initial design incorporated Ground Source Heat Pumps, which later evolved into Pond Source Heat Pumps after coordination with the landscape designers and civil engineers, considering a newly created pond as part of the development.

Several elements were implemented to ensure energy efficiency:

  • Natural ventilation: Careful consideration was given to natural ventilation to reduce the need for cooling. This included low-level natural ventilation openings and high-level ventilation above the top floor.
  • Thermal mass and heat recovery: The building utilised exposed concrete and thermal mass to enhance heat recovery. An underfloor heating system, heat pumps, and photovoltaic panels further contributed to energy efficiency.
  • Insulation and passive design: High-performance insulation systems were employed alongside passive design principles to optimise performance.
  • Daylighting and solar shading: Daylighting strategies were implemented throughout the project while incorporating optimised solar shading to enhance occupant comfort and reduce energy consumption.
Brooklands farm Diagram 2

The project's primary challenge lay in meeting the stringent zero-carbon goal while adhering to the requirements of Paragraph 80, necessitating an exceptional quality of design.

Our collaboration with the architects was instrumental in achieving the high-spec design details and clean lines required throughout the project. This commitment to design excellence was evident in every aspect of the building, from its aesthetic appeal to its sustainable features.


Brooklands Farm stands as an example of innovative design, sustainable construction practices, and attention to detail. This project successfully navigated the complex regulations of Paragraph 80 while achieving the ambitious goal of zero carbon emissions. As a result, it sets an example for future rural housing and commitment to creating sustainable, high-quality, and aesthetically pleasing homes.

Images by Eldridge London.

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    Brooklands Farm
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    Surrey, UK
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    Eldridge London
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