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Sevenoaks Nature & Wellbeing Centre

This exemplar sustainable design for the Sevenoaks Nature & Well Being Centre was created for a competition run by the Kent Wildlife Trust.

Carbon neutrality was achieved through an innovative roof design, a thermally efficient envelope with thermal buffer spaces, a water-source heat pump and solar PV. The roof design, with its low-profile aerodynamic form, encourages wind from all directions to flow over the building. This lowers wind speeds at pedestrian level improving comfort whilst creating negative pressures on the top of the roof which creates effective natural “wind driven” ventilation. The roof design also allowed for daylight penetration deep into the core supplemented by low energy LEDs optimised by daylight sensors.

Project Details

  • Project

    Sevenoaks Nature & Wellbeing Centre
  • Location

    Kent, England
  • Client

  • Architect

    Gianni Botsford
  • Status

    Competition Entry