Old Rectory 1

The Old Rectory

Providing full building services design, we supported Mary Duggan Architects with the refurbishment of The Old Rectory located near Monument Station.

Old rectory 3

Built in the 1850’s, the development aimed to retain and honour many of the Grade II Listed features to create a minimalist yet warm London office. The design respectfully improves and updates the condition of the existing building, weaving old and new with interventions designed to preserve the historic fabric.

The ventilation and cooling units were concealed within timber and steel cabinets. These materials were specifically chosen to distinguish between the original parts of the building and the newer areas from the 1970s. Other features such as the original clock mechanism have also been retained and are showcased as part of the redevelopment.

Old rectory 4

The cooling & heating systems have been upgraded, with new efficient systems allowing tenants temperature control via mobile application.

The scheme was completed in 2021.

Old rectory 2

Project Details

  • Project

    The Old Rectory
  • Location

    Monument, London
  • Client

    HGG London
  • Architect

    Mary Duggan Architects
  • Status