Front Facade of 52 Avenue Road

Avenue Road

Integration embarked on a new build project for a high-end, sustainable residential development in the heart of London. The project demanded an innovative sustainability approach to ensure it aligned with the carbon reduction targets of the planning approval.

Our mission was to achieve a development with exceptional environmental credentials. The project had already received planning approval, and our task was to refine the existing energy strategy and add features to improve its sustainability within the existing architectural design.

The development includes 12 five-storey residences, each with extensive communal areas, a spa, and a swimming pool. Maintaining the architectural integrity was essential. We navigated specific planning requirements and carbon targets, achieving an impressive 74% improvement in carbon emissions through our interventions.

House Facade

One of the project’s key features is an innovative communal ground source heat pump (GSHP). We devised the system with individual heat pumps within each house, this not only provides sustainable heating and cooling but also enabled heat rejected from the residential cooling systems to be recovered and used to heat the communal swimming pool and spa areas.

Our scope encompassed the full spectrum of design services, from the planning scheme to the detailed design of mechanical and electrical (M&E) services. We also provided post-planning reports and embodied carbon reporting as required.

Side of facade with pathway

Our commitment to preserving the design aesthetic led us to explore visually unobtrusive solutions with no external plant. We introduced mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, extended the GSHP network, enhanced its efficiency, and made recommendations for improving the building fabric.

This project stands as a prime example of remarkably high sustainability achievements within a luxury, high-end design context.

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