Antigua Villa

Antigua Villa

This private villa is part of a wider development located on a peninsular area of Antigua. The location of the villa means that energy and water supplies can be intermittent, so the project was designed to cater for resilience.

Sustainability was at the heart of the brief and the energy strategy was conceived to take advantage of the Caribbean climate to reduce energy usage. PV and solar panels with battery backups were positioned strategically to collect and store energy while solar thermal was used to heat the swimming pool.

The architecture mimics the traditional Antiguan style which features high pitched roofs to favour natural cooling, as well as light colour palettes to prevent excessive heat.

Antigua Villa

To cater for intermittent water supplies and long drought periods of up to eight weeks, the villa features large rainwater collection tanks and rainwater treatment systems that allow the recycled rainwater to be reused.

The villa was conceived as a self-sufficient unit and is capable of operating completely off grid for variable periods of time.

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    Antigua Villa
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    KSR Architects
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